Planning a Funeral

If your loved one has passed without final preparations in place, Layton Funeral Home is ready to lend our funeral planning services to your situation. Our directors oversee every part of the service, whether you choose to hold it at our home, a church or a secular facility. I have a wide range of caskets and funeral accessories to choose from, and can work with you if you have other options in mind. No matter your personal situation, it’s our mission to make sure every service conforms to your specifications exactly so that you can lay your loved one to rest the right way.

Funeral Pre-Planning Services

One of the main benefits to pre-planning a service is that your loved ones won’t have to shop around for a director during their time of grief. Our experienced funeral planning services team in Bedminster, NJ explains your options in detail, so you can tailor final arrangements. Layton Funeral Home organizes specifics regarding burial services or cremation, and work with your preferred cemetery or mausoleum for final disposition.

Burial vs. Cremation

The decision between burial or cremation is the biggest choice you’ll make when pre-planning a funeral. Layton Funeral Home will explain all the expenses involved with burial or cremation services, allowing you and your loved ones to make the right choice regarding your remains.

Service Specifics

If you’ve chosen traditional burial, we’ll discuss all options regarding location, religion and environment of individual cemeteries to help you choose the best option. Layton Funeral Home also determines whether you want to be buried alongside family members, in which case I can help you find multiple plots to secure your space. Finally, I help you select a casket, urn or other solution for final disposition.

Assisting Families With Funeral Planning Services

Layton Funeral Home understands that funeral pre-planning services can be a difficult experience for you and your loved ones. Working with a reputable home allows you to take the burden off your loved ones during their time of grief. Our compassionate home is here to help. Contact us today at 908-234-0766 for more information on our funeral accessories and services.